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Gina McKinnon

Artist, Flow West Ward

Gina McKinnon is the artist behind Flow West Ward based in Calgary, AB. She is currently obsessed with high flow acrylics and drawing old buildings. Gina has a BA from the University of Calgary where she double minored in history and art history. Despite having always loved painting she didn't discover her love for abstracts until she began to use painting as a pain management tool after suffering from years of chronic shoulder pain. This 'constructive meditation' turned into a full blown hobby and side business and in early 2018 she began sharing her art and paintings with others. 

Inspiration comes in all forms but particularly from landscapes which you can usually catch a glimpse of in most of her work. The attraction of high flow acrylics is that they dry in unexpected ways and create the most extraordinary patterns. To bend the paint to your will when it is so fluid is a dance that requires patience and a willingness to let in the unplanned. Both are traits that this artist will readily admit she does not possess naturally and she'll never stop being surprised by the lessons that creating can teach.  


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